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What is Spin180 BV?
Culture captures and encapsulates the ways of thought and behaviour of a society at a profound level. The aim of SPIN 180 BV is to promote Japanese artists and culture through the arranging of events such as exhibitions, shows, and participation in design shows and art events. We believe that there are many artists and those working in the cultural field in Japan who are finding it difficult to have their name heard abroad and thus are not finding the international recognition that they deserve. As a result of this problem, Japan as a nation lacks "soft power", the much sought-after ability to influence other nations through non-military or economic means. Here, at Spin180, we are looking to bridge that gap and provide Japanese artists with the means to achieve international recognition. Furthermore, through sponsorship of such events, we provide Japanese and non-Japanese companies with opportunities to be associated with socially enriching cultural events.
Why is there a "BV" in the company name of Spin 180 BV?
"BV" indicates a private limited liability company in the Netherlands so we would like to take this chance to tell you why we incorporated in Amsterdam. It would be difficult to find a city more associated with art and culture than Amsterdam. The tolerance of artistic expression, the freedoms allowed to artists combined with the genuine and profound interest in art shown by the Dutch made Amsterdam seem the perfect place to operate from.
Spin180についている「 BV」とはなにか?
Spin180を設立した欧州連合加盟国オランダで、「BV(Besloten Vennootschap met beperkte aansprakelijkheid :非公開株式会社)」は最も一般的な営利企業形態であり、また外国投資家に最も頻繁に採用されている形態でです。 アートカルチャーを大事にするヨーロッパ諸国が多くなる中で、オランダ・アムステルダムほどアートカルチャーと行動力あるビジネスをサポートする町はあるのだろうか。Spin180をオランダ・アムステルダムに設立した理由はそこにあります。
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company outline
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